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Since everything has become internet-based, reading books is no more considered a handy idea, and instead, people are moving forward to publishing eBooks other than paper books. eBooks are basically electronic books that you can read via the internet through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

If you are considering getting an electronic book published and looking forward to hire eBook writer, creatrox is the ideal place to come. At creatrox, we have an entire team of professional ebook writers who can have you covered by providing exceptional book writing service.

Our ebook writing services work by following few steps:

Analyze an idea

The foremost thing our writers do to get a clear concept of what they will be writing is analyzing the topic or the idea of the book. Our writers believe that the niche on which they will be writing needs an in-depth understanding to write effective content. This step of writing an ebook consists of a lot of research and analysis to get familiar with the topic.

An outline is a must

The next step after the topic analysis of the eBook is creating an outline. Our professional eBook writers believe that it is better to create an outline before getting started with ebook writing. An outline plays an essential part in keeping the writer on track. It consists of the title, the basic idea, and the rough storyline on which the writer will write the book later.


Drafting is basically the initial stage of any written document. The third stage of eBook writing as according to our writers is drafting. Drafting provides a clearer idea to the writer and allows them to improve the weak areas of the text.

Catchy titles and relevant headings

DO you know what the fascinating thing about any book or eBook is? Well, it’s the title and headings. Being one of the best ebook writing companies, our writers are experienced provide attractive titles and heading to grab the reader's attention.


After drafting next stage is finalizing the eBook. Our professional ebook writers go through the drafts and organize and edit the text to make it look better and professional. At creatrox, we make sure no weak point is left in the text to offer the best ebook writing services.


Be it any book formatting matters the most as the better formatting results in convenient readability. The eBook writers of creatrox take special care of formatting while writing to make your eBook instantly stand out.

Table of content

To add more proficiency, we make sure to provide proper heading and subheadings to all the ebook chapters and provide a table of content at the start to make the eBook as reader-friendly as possible.

Hire a Professional eBook Writer

In terms of convenience eBooks always win as compared to printed books. But do writers also have convenience in writing ebooks as compared to other books? Well, the answer is a big NO! As ebooks have a completely different format and overall look, writers need to be more concerned and efficient in terms of writing.

So to make that happen, creatrox has hired professional ebook writers from around the world. Our professional ebook writers are skilled in creating ebooks that leave the audience stunned. How do they do that? As you may have already heard that practice makes the man perfect, likewise years of writing experience has made our writers perfect in writing ebooks on any topic provided by the client.

According to our writers, the key element of writing an ebook on any topic highly depends upon thorough research. The better the research the better will be the book. Our ebook writers bear all the characteristics that you may look for when deciding to hire eBook writer.

CREATROX is among very few eBook writing companies that offer cheap eBook writing service. But the thing which differentiates it from others is the aim to not compromise over the quality no matter how low are the rates.

Why choosing our Ebook writing services beneficial?

  • Being a writing services providing company, we know that clients look for some basics while investing in a service. In order to provide them with a complete package of eBook writing service we offer some extra features:
  • Customers can claim free revisions until satisfied. The revisions can be redeemed only during the time of two weeks after project submission.
  • We have a refund policy, by which you can have your money back if we fail to satisfy you with the outcome.
  • To enhance the customer experience, we provide quality assurance. Our QA team inspects every project before submission to ensure its quality and eliminate its flaws.
  • Our professional ebook writers produce original content to fulfill the clients’ demands. But further to be sure, plagiarism is checked before submission of ebook
  • Our custom care is available 24/7 to help customers with their queries and questions.

Creatrox provides ebook writing services to clients anywhere around the world. Our motto is to help clients with their writing needs. To place an order for a cheap ebook writing service, all you have to do is to click the “ORDER NOW” button.