Pay Per Click


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Pay per click is a theory based upon the advertisement of products with the help of google. In order to elaborate, you can show your ad with the help of google and every time your ad gets clicked you will have to pay a certain amount to Google.

Now you would think how this thing can be beneficial if you have to pay every time a visitor comes? Right? Pay per click often referred to as PPC can be beneficial as whoever visitor clicks your ad may later turn to a customer. 

As the internet market is evolving every now and then business representatives look for more market options to showcase their businesses. And one of these latest techniques is Pay per click.

CREATROX, a pay per click management company offers affordable PPC management services to thousands of clients all over the world. Our experts work hard in order to increase the search visibility of your site and to elevate the revenue generation of your business. 

Why do companies think about PPC advertising management?
  • It’s part of general thinking that why companies think about these marketing tactics like PPC instead of marketing their product or business normally. This is due to some crucial problems companies come across:
  • Increased ratio of competitors
  • Rapidly changing Google’s guidelines
  • Changing behavior of customers
  • Changing markets strategies
  • Increasing expenses of advertisements

Another thing that elevated the worth of Pay per click is that it has proven itself to be the most budget-friendly marketing strategy of the present time. Though it costs a bit more in contrast provides your website with visibility to the customers in order to increase the sale aspect. 

Best PPC Management Services of the Present Time!
  • Our best PPC management services rely on 4 pillars:
  • Relevancy of keywords
  • Quality of landing page
  • Google’s rating of quality and relevancy
  • Creativity of selling

Keywords play a dynamic role in Pay Per Click Marketing

Our team of PPC advertising management understands the fact that a perfect combination of PPC and SEO can work wonders in order to give your business a required boost and work their day in and night out accordingly. 

The appearance of your ad highly depends upon the keywords selection and their relevancy. As the PPC service provision of CREATROX dated decades back our experts know what keywords to target in order to elevate your business site to the top. 

Landing page quality
A landing page is the first thing a visitor sees on your website so it should be attractive enough to impress anyone. The team of creatrox ensures your landing page quality is on point in order to retain the customer. Other than that, our main focus remains the optimization of your landing page’s content in order to make the ranking work.

Google’s rating

Another key element is the google ratings that are according to the relevancy and quality of your content, landing pages, and keywords you have selected. The team of creatrox makes sure that you receive the highest rating possible by providing the best PPC management services.


Appealing nature is the main essence of any advertisement. Creativity makes you get the most clicks and as a result of clicks, you will have better revenue. As a PPC management services provider, we strive to deliver the most creative Idea which attracts the visitors and makes them end up clicking your Ad.

Our Customer Service Representatives

Being a ppc advertising management company, we know that commonly people have a lot of questions and queries regarding PPC as it is a bit complex matter. So to provide the customers with ease and proper information our customer service team works 24/7.

For any queries regarding packages or placement of the order, you can get in touch with us via the live chat support program. Further, you can also email us with your concerns, queries, and requirements.

How to place an order for PPC advertising management?

Like all other services, CreatRox is a better option in terms of order placement. We aim to provide as much convenience to customers as possible to enhance their experience. Our order placement does not require any lengthy process. All you have to do is to click the “ORDER NOW” button below.

It is rare to find PPC advertising management services and google ads management services altogether. But with pay per click management company like CreatRox, you get it all. If you are looking forward to getting the best PPC services at affordable rates, then CreatRox is where you can come. We offer the best services at reasonable rates without compromising on quality.